Calculating Charity Rewards (By: Shamsi Ali)

By: Shamsi Ali, President of Nusantara Foundation

In understanding Allah’s reward, never use a strict mathematical calculation method. When humans count, the count becomes: 5+5:10.

The problem is that the number 10 doesn’t always have to be 5+5. But it can also be 3+7, 6+4, 8+2 or even 1+9 and so on. Therefore Allah’s reward should not be calculated from the point of view of human mathematics.

Therefore, when you feel the practice is the best from one side, there is no need to see others as lacking. Because maybe you and the other person can both get 10. It’s just that the count is different. You might use a count of 5+5. While others use a 7+3 count.

What is certain is that Allah is just and don’t forget that His justice is built on the principle of His love and compassion. In the end do “muhasabah” without “taking” (others).

Meditation is self-introspection. While “to reckon” it means to judge others.

And last but not least, heaven does not have a single door. Just focus on yourself and the path to Allah. Let Allah calculate in His way.

Do self introspection, rather than being judgmental…to others! (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)