British Muslims Show Solidarity with George Floyd

British Muslim (photo special)

London, MINA – Britain’s largest Muslim organization, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) issued a statement in support of anti-racism protests in the US triggered after police killed an unarmed black man, George Floyd.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Muslim Council of Britain said it was shaken by news of Floyd’s murder.

The African-American man died after he was suffocated when a police officer knelt while pressing his neck for several minutes.

“To his family, and all the families whose names we do not know, we convey our deepest condolences. Your pain is our pain,” the MCB statement said as quoted by Arab News on Thursday.

The Muslim institution realizes black anti-racial racism must be eradicated wherever it manifests. Because, said the MCB, failure to do so will continue to result in the destruction of valuable life.

“We stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters in the United States, Britain and beyond, wherever black anti-racial racism is manifested,” MCB said.

The Muslim Council is also determined to destroy racism in the Muslim community in Britain. They are committed to playing a role in tackling racism in Britain.

“We support individuals and organizations that do important work in this space, while focusing on tackling racism in the Muslim community,” the MCB said, concluding with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)