Boris Johnson Calls Islam Cause Muslim World “Left Behind”

Borris Johnson (photo: Special)

London, MINA – Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister candidate, drew criticism for his writings that claiming Islam caused Muslim world left behind from West Countries for centuries.

Johnson’s essay was actually written in 2007, but it was reviewed again by The Guardian on Monday July 15. In his essay, this Conservative Party politician wrote that religious revival in Middle East was a barrier to the development of region.

“There must be something about Islam that does help explain why there is no revival of the bourgeoisie, no liberal capitalism and therefore there is no spread of democracy in Muslim world,” he wrote.

In an essay entitled “And Then Came the Muslims”, he also said “Muslim complaints” play a role in the most global conflicts.

“(Farther away of Muslim world) is left behind, more bitter and confusing, to the point where every global flash point you can think of, from Bosnia to Palestine to Iraq to Kashmir involves a kind of Muslim complaint,” continued Johnson’s writing.

“It’s time to go down and dirty and examine the central accusations made by everyone from Winston Churchill to Pope, which is that the real problem with Islamic world is Islam,” Johnson’s essay continued.

British Muslim Council condemned this politician’s writing. “We certainly believe that Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity, both in the Muslim world or in our homes in the West,” the agency told The Guardian, quoted on Tuesday.

Johnson’s writings also sparked condemnation on social media. “Above disgusting bigotry, how can this expensive top level education continue to produce such great ignorance,” @rachshabi’s Twitter account user wrote.

Johnson, a former foreign minister and former London mayor, has a history of inciting comments on Islamic beliefs. Last year he called burqa clothing ridiculous and made women look like mailboxes and bank robbers.

The comments sparked protests from other politicians and British Muslim groups. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)