Benefits of Fasting for Asthma Patients and Smokers

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Pulmonary specialist from the Pulmonary Hospital Dr HA Rotinsulu, Qamariah Laila Marsabessy, said asthmatics and smokers who undergo Ramadan fasting can feel the positive effects. Fasting can relieve the burden of breathing for asthmatics to reduce levels of toxins in the blood of fasting smokers.

Qamariah explained fasting has an effect on lung health, including in people with asthma which can be triggered by stress or euphoria.

“By fasting that does not eat and do not drink then the psychological effect becomes better and this ultimately prevents asthma which is triggered by stress. Then because the food is regulated and cannot snack, there may be some patients who experience weight loss which will help ease the burden of breathing,” he said during a virtual conference on Health Radio on Wednesday.

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Although not immediately felt, there is a certain process that is felt by asthma sufferers who fast. Fasting is also a strategic point for smokers.

He explained that when you stop smoking during a 14-hour fast, the Ministry of Health’s data reveals that for the first 20 minutes, peripheral blood flow, which is usually disturbed, then improves and begins to decrease toxin levels in the blood. Then after eight hours, the CO and nicotine levels that enter the body decrease by almost 50 percent and if you still don’t smoke after opening, the CO levels in the blood are almost gone.

If within two days you still don’t smoke tobacco even after breaking your fast, the nicotine levels start to disappear and your sense of taste starts to improve. Then, if you continue not smoking for a month, there will be better cell regeneration, a fresher appearance, the vibrating hairs of the damaged airways begin to grow because it is difficult to grow if you smoke.

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“Dependence on nicotine can be passed after a month because of fasting. These benefits and goodness will not be obtained by smokers who do not want to fast and stop smoking,” he said.

If stopping smoking is still continued for 5 to 9 months later, the result is a reduction in symptoms of coughing and shortness of breath. Qamariah explained that the lung is one of the organs of the body which is like a community of organs.

Improving the digestive system will have a direct and indirect effect on lung health. Because the body is a single unit, he said, the improvement in digestion first then has a good effect on the lungs, either directly or indirectly.

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He added, Ramadan fasting has certain rules and many benefits that ultimately improve health. For example, the stomach that must be empty from dawn to breaking the fast is quite long. (T/RE1)


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