Maintaining the Consistency of Piety after Ramadan

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By: Supriyanto, Republika ID

Ramadan 1443 Hijri has just passed away from us. Sadness wells up in the hearts of Muslims because they part with the month full of blessings while hoping and praying that our deeds will be accepted, istiqamah in worship and pious deeds, and be reunited with the coming Ramadan.

Indicators of the success of Ramadan can be seen in the next 11 months. Therefore, a Muslim must try to always be consistent in worshiping Allah. So, what should Muslims do to maintain consistency in piety?

First, if for a full month we can perform fasting worship with sincere intentions for the sake of Allah, maintaining consistency of piety can be continued by fasting six days of sunnah in the month of Shawwal.

Rasulullah said, “Whoever fasts Ramadan and then fasts six days in Shawwal, then for him (the reward) fasting for a whole year” (HR Muslim).

Second, during Ramadan we are excited to be in congregation in the mosque or prayer room, both to establish the obligatory prayers and the sunnah of the caretakers. So, to maintain the consistency of piety, we make every effort to establish congregational prayers in the mosque at the beginning of time and perfect it with sunnah prayers.

Third, our generosity during Ramadan is getting honed. Wealth is spent on compensation, sharing takjil, zakat, infaq, and alms very lightly. So, keep this generous nature outside of Ramadan so that our piety will increase and generosity will become more entrenched.

Fourth, our fondness for reading the Quran in the month of Ramadan makes its frequency increase even more. It is very noble and invites the grace of Allah if the interaction with the Word of Allah is continued throughout life.

Fifth, Ramadan is able to become our shield to commit immoral acts such as backbiting, lying, envy, jealousy against sheep, spreading hoaxes, and other heart diseases. So, outside of Ramadan, we must guard our hearts and behavior so that life in public spaces becomes harmonious.

These are the deeds of worship that we must carry out consistently as long as life is still in the body. With the capital of education during the Ramadan that has just passed, it always imprints and radiates in our lives and lives in the months outside of Ramadan, so that the purpose of Ramadan worship is to make humans as pious people and continue to be well-maintained. Amen.

Wallahu a’lam bis shawab. (T/RE1)


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