Bapeten Moves Soil Exposed by Nuclear Radiation in Batan

Bapeten Moves Soil Exposed by Nuclear Radiation in Batan (photo: Antara)

South Tangerang, MINA – The process of moving soil which was exposed by nuclear radiation still ongoing at Batan Indah Housing, Serpong, South Tangerang, until Monday. Indonesian Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (Bapeten) says the level of radiation is falling. Residents were asked to move normally.

Bapeten’s Head of Legal, Cooperation and Public Communication Bureau, Indra Gunawan, said that the level of nuclear radiation jas been decreased because the removal of land and exposed vegetation continues.

The decrease in radiation levels, he said was seen from the increasingly narrowing of the police line boundaries.

“There was a safety parameter and more broadly there were security parameters. Now we have moved deeper. That we can be sure the radiation exposure is getting lower,” Indra said on location on Monday, as quoted from Republika.

However, Indra did not mention the rate of decline in nuclear radiation levels. The National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) said the radiation level had dropped 30 percent to the number of 90s micro-satellites per hour on Saturday. To note, the normal threshold for radiation exposure is 0.03 micro-viv per hour.

Based on Republika’s observation on Monday afternoon, the point found by the radioactive causing agent appeared to be still in the process of excavation and removal. The police line surrounds it with an area of ​​around 60 meters by 30 square meters.

According to Indra, the boundaries of the area had been reduced from the previous day. Therefore, he hopes residents can be more comfortable to move.

“Please keep residents on their normal activities. As long as it is outside the safety parameters,” he said.

The Batan Indah Housing Community appeared to be active as usual when Republika approached the exposure site on Monday afternoon.

People passing by on the road in front of the exposed area. Dozens of stalls that are only tens of meters adrift with the point of discovery of the causes of exposure continue to serve customers.

The nuclear exposure point was discovered by Bapeten at the end of January 2020. Substances that cause nuclear radiation are known after the lab test is Cesium (Cs) 137. The type of substances that can cause cancer when exposed to the human body within certain limits.

Since January 11, Bapeten and Batan have worked together to move exposed land and vegetation. Already dozens of drums containing soil were moved. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)