As 5 Thousand College Students to Conduct Demonstration on Tuesday


Jakarta, MINA – At least 5 thousand of college students will conduct demonstration on Tuesday (October 20) to reject the Job Creation Law

The members of the All Indonesia Student Executive Board (BEM SI) urges President Joko Widodo to revoke the Law.

“We still convey the hashtag motion of no confidence in the government and people’s representatives who do not side with the interests of the people,” said BEM SI Central Coordinator Remy Hastian Putra in a press statement on Monday.

The return action which will be held at noon tomorrow is also based on the disappointment of students and workers towards the government, which is considered to be ignorant of the people’s aspirations.

The government is considered to be challenging community groups who reject the Job Creation Law by submitting a judicial review to the Constitutional Court (MK).

The submission of a judicial review is believed to be ineffective because President has already asked the Constitutional Court for support in supporting the Job Creation Law.

“Not to mention the repressive actions of the police apparatus towards the protesters who rejected the Job Creation Law and various attempts to wiretap against activists and academics who rejected the Job Creation Law,” said Remy.

Previously, during a demonstration on Friday, the mass of the action was met by the Special Staff of President Aminuddin Maruf. The millennial staff member promised to convey the aspirations of students to President.

However, until Sunday, Amin failed to convey the message of student aspirations to the president. The reason is that BEM SI has never submitted their aspiration documents.

When confirmed, BEM SI admitted that it had deliberately not followed up on Amin’s request to send aspiration documents. BEM SI views that the figure of millennial staff is not sufficient to represent President Jokowi. The protesters wanted President himself to respond to their rejection of the Job Creation Law.

“Hope (we) can meet directly with President. But those who meet the masses of action are not the people we expect, through the millennial staff who are deemed not representatives of the President of the Republic of Indonesia,” Remy said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)