Government, House of Representatives Need to Open A Dialogue about Rejection of Ciptaker Law

Photo: AA

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian National Human Rights Commission asked the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) to open space for dialogue with the public who reject the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Act.

According to Rights Commission, the space for dialogue must also be carried out transparently and involve the local government and the Region House of Representatives (DPRD, considering that demonstrations have occurred in many regions.

“The dialogue is not only by the central government, but also by the regional government and the DPRD,” Komnas HAM Commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara said through a virtual press conference on Thursday as quoted from Anadolu Agency on Friday.

“So that people who still reject the Ciptaker Law have a channel,”

Rights Commission views that the space for public aspirations must be maintained in order to obtain substantial common ground.

In addition, it is also so that the situation does not continue to heat up.

The police were also asked to act according to the corridors of human rights when dealing with protesters, not to commit violence, to be more persuasive and humane.

“It is not the first time for the police to face a situation like this, but we want to keep maintaining the corridors of human rights,” said Rights Commission Chairman Ahmad Taufan Damanik.

On the other hand, Taufan also reminded the masses of action to put forward a sympathetic attitude to maintain conduciveness.

Rights Commission itself has formed a special monitoring team regarding the recent situation.

The monitoring is intended so that action participants who are arrested by the police can receive legal assistance.

The demonstration against the Job Creation Law has lasted until the third day after the ratification of this omnibus law at the DPR.

A number of demonstrations turned violent and caused a number of protesters to be injured.

The police also arrested people who were accused of being provocateurs. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)