As 2,000 Houses Destroyed in the Gaza Strip

As 2,000 Houses Destroyed in the Gaza Strip (photo: special)

Gaza, MINA – Jamal Khudhri, Chair of People’s Committee to Fight Blockade on Tuesday said as 2,000 housing units in the Gaza Strip have been completely destroyed since Israeli aggression in 2014.

The houses have not been rebuilt even though it has been five years since the aggression, due to lack of funds.

He stressed reconstruction is a moral, humanitarian and legal demand, especially because thousands of families of victims of Israeli aggression are still displaced.

In the Gaza Reconstruction Conference held in Cairo yesterday, Khudhri appealed the donors to fulfill their financial commitments to homeowners who were totally destroyed and not been built at all.

He also called on conference sponsors, Egypt, and Norway to take practical steps to end the suffering of victims affected by Israeli aggression.

Jamal Khudhri said “The Gaza Strip is experiencing a tragedy of blockade and aggression. The owners of destroyed houses have experienced a life crisis by moving and fleeing their homes, coupled with the pain caused by blockades, aggression and difficult economic situations”.

He explained that Gaza was in a state of total collapse and unprecedented in humanitarian and economic terms. Therefore quick intervention to rebuild what was destroyed by Israeli aggression is part of the solution to some of worsening crises. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)