Ankara Keciorengucu Players Break the Fast During Match

Giresun, Turkey, MINA – A unique incident during the Giresunspor vs Ankara Keciorengucu, when the match had only been running for 10 minutes, the Ankara Keciorengucu players were seen breaking their fast in the middle of the match.

The moment occurred in the match-up to the 28th week of the 2020-2021 TFF First League or the Second Division of the Turkish League on Tuesday evening

At that time, the referee in charge of the match had no intention of stopping the match when the maghrib call to prayer rang out.

However, when the maghrib call to prayer rang out, an incident occurred.

One of the players who was on the pitch suffered an injury. Therefore, inevitably the referee had to stop the match.

While the referee was taking care of the injured player, a number of Ankara Keciorengucu players walked to the sidelines to break their fast.

According to the Instagram account @islamfy, the Ankara Keciorengucu players broke their fast when the injured player incident occurred. You can see that the players eat dates and also drink.

“Turkish players from the Ankara Keciorengucu football club, break their fast while competing. When the incident occurred, it coincided with Maghrib call to prayer, ”wrote the account.

The maghrib call to prayer in Giresun City, the location of the Giresunspor vs Ankara Keciorengucu match took place at 06.52 p.m local time. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)