An IPB University Researcher Makes Bullet-Proof Using Palm Oil

(Photo: By courtesy)

Bogor, MINA – Researcher from IPB University from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Dr. Siti Nikmatin, made bullet-proof clothing using empty palm oil bunch fibers (TKKS).

Previously, Dr. Siti also succeeded in making a Green Composite (GC) helmet using OPEFB fiber filler at microparticle size. After further observation, the OPEFB fibers are also able to absorb energy at a very high rate at the time of impact.

Then the idea developed to diversify products made from woven OPEFB fibers in bullet-proof applications.

“From the results of the treatment carried out, the OPEFB biomass became fiber with lignocellulose content. It turns out that OPEFB has a high potential to absorb collision energy. Moreover, if it is arranged in a woven form with a perpendicular angle orientation on a laminated or sandwich composite system, ” she explained as stated in the written statement received by MINA on Friday.

Dr. Siti said through the addition of a heat-resistant coating material, the woven OPEFB fibers can withstand fire within 30 seconds.

This is what is used in the design of bullet-proof clothing.

Then she conducted a test fire using a glock pistol with MU1-TJ bullets at an effective range of 25-50 meters. The bulletproof suit is proven to be able to withstand these bullets.

“However, this bullet-proof suit is still not able to withstand a long gun shot. So it still requires further research, “he added.

With the new potential for bullet-proof clothing, it will become an alternative choice for domestic needs. ecause to Dr. Siti’s knowledge, the raw material for the bulletproof vest is still 100 percent imported.

“Because of the importance of developingthis research, I hope that research can be continued into applied or advanced research. Two to three more steps towards commercialization, “she concluded. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)