Al-Quds Activists Build Office Across the Israeli Parliament Member’s Office

Al-Quds, MINA – Israeli troops on Saturday attacked residents and solidarity activists in the village of Sheikh Jarrah in Al-Quds who had been demonstrating for more than a week.

Local sources in Al-Quds reported that Israel forced all solidarity activists to evacuate from the village of Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli troops also tightened the space for journalists and prevented them from covering the attack that took place in the village, Palinfo reported.

Israel also forced Al-Quds activist Muhammad Abu al-Hummus to leave the village, where he set up an office opposite the temporary office of Israeli Knesset member, Itamar Ben Gvir, in the village.

Abu Hummus did this in response to the relocation of Ben Gvir’s office to the village of Sheikh Jarrah.

Israel attacked a young man, intensified the presence of Israeli troops, put up an iron barrier, and imposed a strict military guard on the village.

Residents and solidarity activists gathered Saturday night, for the eighth day in a row, and lit fires to warm themselves in the cold weather. They protested the Israeli occupation against the residents of Sheikh Jarrah

Residents of Sheikh Jarrah have suffered from attacks by Jewish settlers who were escorted by Israeli troops, carried out repressive actions against residents, and closed the entrance to the village, while allowing the settlers to carry out provocative actions.

Confrontations erupted for a week in Sheikh Jarrah’s village. Israel brutally attacked residents and solidarity activists, causing dozens of injuries.

Israel has repeatedly seized the “symbolic office” of activist Muhammad Abu Hummus, in Sheikh Jarrah, also attacking a number of residents and solidarity activists.

The Israeli occupation continues to seal off the area around “Ben Gvir’s office” and isolate it, amidst the provocations made by the Jewish settlers through verbal insults, pepper gas attacks and attempts to beat Palestinian youths. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)