About One Million Palestinian Refugees Experience Food Shortages

Palestinian boy (photo special)

Palestine, MINA – About one million Palestinian refugees in Gaza experience food shortages due to the unrelenting Israeli Zionist blockade.

The Welfare Organization, as reported by Palestinepost24 on Sunday (June 21), said that Zionist Israel continues to blockade and cut global funds for UN funds allocated for Palestinian refugees.

In another statement, Chair of the Popular Committee to End the Gaza Blockade, Jamal Al-Khoudary, the decline in funds from donors as well as global funding cuts have had a serious impact on Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and other Arab countries.

“The US decision to stop funding, estimated at around $ 360 million per year, for the United Nations Relief and Employment Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the East near UNRWA two years ago has greatly impacted refugees,” he explained.

In addition, the blockade carried out by Zionist Israel in Gaza since 2006 has resulted in surging poverty and unemployment in the besieged areas.

World Refugee Day was marked globally on June 20 and focused on raising awareness about the plight of millions of refugees worldwide. (T/RE1).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)