Two Explosions Kill Israeli Settler, Injure 22 Others in Jerusalem

Two Explosions Kill Israeli Settler, Injure 22 Others in Jerusalem (photo: M Shaaban/MINA)

Jerusalem, MINA – An Israeli settler was killed, and 22 others were injured, this morning, Wednesday, in two explosions at two bus stations in occupied Jerusalem, MINA Contributor in Palestine reported.

Local sources said that the final outcome of the Jerusalem bombings was one dead and 22 injured among the Israeli settlers, including two very serious cases.

The sources stated that the Israeli occupation forces closed the entrances to Jerusalem after the two explosions and restricted Palestinian citizens’ movement in the city.

Extremist Knesset member and candidate for the internal security portfolio in Netanyahu’s new government, Itamar Ben Gvir, said that the assassination policy against the Palestinians must be escalated immediately.

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He demanded that the Israeli occupation forces work on the complete invasion of the West Bank in order to completely eliminate the Palestinian resistance.

In the same context, Palestinian official sources said that these bombings are a natural reaction to the escalation of Zionist violations and aggressions against the Palestinian people in all Palestinian cities.

They stressed that the aggression of the occupation against the Palestinian cities, villages, and camps, and the attack on the defenseless Palestinian citizens, will be faced with more steadfastness and resistance acts, confronting the crimes of the occupation by all means to deter this occupation from committing more crimes against them.


It is worth noting that occupied Jerusalem is witnessing an escalation of violations and attacks by the occupation forces against Palestinian citizens, which affected all aspects of Palestinian life. This led to an increase in the Palestinian resistance acts in response to the crimes of the occupation and in defense of themselves and their families. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)