Trump Asks Muslims in the US to Keep Distance on Ramadan

New York, MINA – The United States (US) President Donald Trump called on Muslims in his country to follow the standards of distance in the month of Ramadan.

Trump made the comment after being asked whether Muslims would be treated the same as Christians who set the social distance at Easter celebrations. Thus quoted from Business Recorder on Monday, April 20.

Trump answers the tweeter upload of conservative commentator Paul Sperry, who questions whether Muslims will be treated the same as Christians facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I would say that there might be differences. And we must see what will happen. Because I have seen a big difference in this country, “he said.

So far, more than 700,000 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the US At least 39,000 died, while 68,285 people have recovered from the virus. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)