The Unity Education Foundation West Jakarta: Organizing Entrepreneurship and Inter School Activities

Contributed by Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, Board of Supervisor of the Unity of Education Foundation in West Jakarta.

It has been vision and mission of the Founder of the Unity Education Foundation to run education activities by prioritizing the sincere devotion to the public by producing competent and competitive student that In Shaa Allah suit for work field needs.

The Founder of Foundation in their message invites managers and teachers of the Vocational School to contribute their intelectual capacity by implementing a creative devotion to the learners/students of vocational school in order to deepen their knowledge through organizing Seminar on Entrepteneurship and holding a direct and creative Bazar that open for the public and other schools students and teachers in west Jakarta.


The program is organized on February 5, 2024 at the yard of the Unity Education Foundation School Complex located in Kesatuan Street Rawa Buaya Cengkareng District West Jakarta and participated by mostly Final Level of Vocational Learners/Students by opening numbers of stands that show their interesting products ranging from creative intelectual performances like games and quiz, to economic products exhibitions such as food and beverages and handycraft.

To add more substantial experience, the Organizing Committee also invites the young success entrepreneur to share his best practices before the participants.

The program has been initiated to arise the spirit of entrepreneurship among the Learners/Students to anticipate the Work Field needs that actually full of competition. Not only of that the program is actually oriented to develop the value of teaching of Prophet Muhammad PbuH who has spread the value of rahmatan lil alamin into their daily activities, especially in the field of doing business and public devotion/services to gain public trust.


As being stated by Ms. Noer Rachmi Hadiyati, Education Coordinator of the Foundation during her opening remark, the core of this activity is to implement of one of the pillars of Vision and Mission of the Foundation, namely to reinstate Akhlakul Qarimah of the Prophet Muhammad PbuH for all us in doing our social devotion by promoting transparancy and ethical economic transaction to gain public trust as our sustainable partner of doing business.

Ms. Noer Rachmi also emphasizes that the above values are the objective of the Founder of Foundation since the Foundation is established in 1970. For doing that In syaa Allah, our activities be blessed by the God Almighty Allah azza wa jalla.

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At the final remark, Ms. Noer hopes that the activity In syaa Allah will be permanent in every year.
May Allah azza wa Jalla give easiness and barakah. Aaameen Ya Rabbal Aaalameen. (AK/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)