The Lessons of Da’wah at World Cup in Qatar

senior Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman and a hafiz (a Quran memorizer) with disabilities named Ghanim Al Muftah (Photo: AP/Natacha Pisarencko)

Reciting this verse shows that Islam is a religion that teaches the importance of tolerance and that no human race is superior. In addition, the appearance of Morgan Freman, who has a perfect body, and Ghanim, who has a disability, reflects that Islam considers all human beings as the same, the difference is their piety.

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Another da’wah carried out by Qatar is adding QR codes in guest-rooms hotels that introduce visitors to Islam in all languages. Qatar also placed several murals across the country with hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to introduce Islam to fans, such as  “Every good deed is a charity”, “He who is not merciful to others, will not be treated mercifully”, and “Guard yourselves from Hellfire, even with half of a date in charity. If one cannot find it, then with a kind word.”

Those hadiths are posted so the world community knows that Islam teaches the importance of sharing, prioritizing the values ​​of caring, love and affection, and peace.

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In this World Cup, Qatar prohibits free sex and consumption of alcohol. This shows the world that Islam teaches about health and cleanliness. They also uses loudspeakers at the stadium for the call to prayer (adhan) so the world community understands, Islam teaches to respect time, especially for worship.

In addition, in Qatar stadiums, a special room is provided for prayer. With Qatar’s efforts in introducing Islam, the world community will know that Islam is a religion that teaches peace, humanity, compassion, discipline so that negative views about Islam can fade away. (T/ri/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)