TETO Information&Press Director Visits MINA News Agency

Jakarta, MINA – Director of Information Press Section of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) Indonesia in Jakarta, Chia-Chi Kang, visited MINA (Mi’raj News Agency) headquarters in Kramat Lontar, Central Jakarta, on Friday, Feb 15.

Kang’s visit was carried out as one of the implementations in strengthening relations with trusted media.

“Our visit is not only to strengthen the relationship between TETO and MINA, further between Taiwan and Indonesia,” Kang said, accompanied by Secretary of the Indonesian TETO Information Press Section, Kim Cho.

MINA Editor-in-Chief Ismet Rauf received the Kang’s visit, and accompanied by Chief Editor of Arabic Language Rifa Arifin, and MINA chief reporter Rana Setiawan.

Ismet Rauf explored information about MINA’s seven-year vision, editorial policies, issues, and activities that have been carring out by MINA, an Islamic-based news office published in three languages, ​ Indonesia, English and Arabic.

According to Kang, mass media has a very important role in the democratic process in Taiwan. The diversity of media in the country is reflected in the many facilities and intense competition.

“Press activities in Taiwan are developing in one of the freest media environments in Asia. We can see that many Taiwanese TV stations show programs to criticize government policies. And that’s normal, “he said.

Chief Editor of MINA Ismet Rauf welcomed the visit of Director Chia-Chi Kang and Kim Cho. He stressed,  MINA displayed objective, accurate and balanced information, in accordance with the professional standards.

“Being a trusted mass media as a reflection of Islam rahmatan lil amin alamin (Blessing for Universe) is indeed our vision. For this reason, MINA can be used as a source of information and referrals by various national and international institutions, “he said. (TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)