Taiwan Invites Journalists to Increase the Number of Foreign Tourists,

Taipei, MINA – The Taiwanese government through the Ministry of Information and Tourism invited a number of Indonesian journalists to increase the number of foreign tourists to their country.

On Saturday, February 8 a number of journalists from various countries had gathered in the city of Taichung to attend the opening of Lantern Festival which took place from 8 to 23 February.

Taiwan’s newly appointed president, Tsai Ing-wen, opened the festival. She said the event was an annual program held since 1990. Every year, the event is always accompanied by continuous innovation.

The hope, the festival will be the best in the world by always raising innovative local culture.

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From Indonesia, there were five national and international media journalists who attended the event. MINA reporter, Widi Kusnadi got the opportunity to cover the event directly. The plan, they will be in Taiwan for five days by visiting several tourist attractions in the country.

The Taiwan government is working with private parties to hold the Lantern Festival. The cost spent reached 300 million Taiwan dollars (Rp100 billion). The Lantern Festival carries the concept of environmentally friendly by involving 6,000 cleaning volunteers.

To fill the program, the organizing committee also invited artists and musicians, both from Taiwan and abroad. For foreign artists, they invited from Japan, England, France, and others.

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Although there is a threat of coronavirus outbreak from China, the committee assured that it has anticipated well so that visitors do not have to worry about spreading the virus.

The Lantern Festival is targeted to be visited by 10 million visitors, both from domestic and foreign. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)