Swine Flu Increases in Myanmar, 16 Dead

(influenza tipe A subtipe H1N1). (U.S National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIAID)

Yangon, MINA –  Myanmar has examined 22 people with swine flu indications from August 6-7, with eight of them positively being infected with swine flu, according to Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sport.

This result shows a drastic increase since July 21 last.

Total cases of people infected with swine flu reached 154 people and 16 of them died. “So the total national death toll reached 4.5 percent,” said Health and Sports Minister Myint Htwe as quoted by MINA Correspondent from Yangon, Nur Ikhwan Abadi, Tuesday (8/8).

The minister also said 19 patients at Warbagi hospital and 34 patients in several regional hospitals and capital were being examined to ascertain whether they contracted the H1N1 virus.

The majority of patients are in good shape and the number of patients coming to the hospital for examination has dropped dramatically, according to local New Global Light of Myanmar newspaper.

To lower the figure, the local government held a recent mass campaign, pushing the dramatic increase of  sales of face masks  at local stores..

The H1N1 virus has been one of the most rapidly circulating flu strains in Myanmar since the global pandemic in 2009, although deaths from the virus have not been reported in recent years, health officials said.

Separately, Myanmar’s livestock ministry also reported an outbreak of bird flu H5N1 in the south of the country. More than 1,800 chickens have been culled after the virus was detected at a farm in the southern city of Dawei last month.. .(L/R04RS5)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)