Shootout in Kashmir, One Fighter and One Soldier Killed

Shootout in Kashmir, One Fighter and One Soldier Killed (photo: Special)

Srinagar, MINA – Another gun battle broke out in the Kashmir region, when a India’s soldier and a fighter were killed in fighting in the Kamrazipora area, Pulwama district, southern Kashmir on Wednesday morning, local officials said.

Starting from the Indian military forces which launched a search operation in a garden in the village of Kamrazipora in the early hours of Wednesday.

The troops received information about the whereabouts of Kashmiri fighters there. Kashmir Observer reports.

Officials said the search operation met with resistance from fighters, opening fire on personnel, injuring two soldiers.

The wounded soldiers were immediately transported to the Army hospital, and one of them died beyond help.

They reported that the body of a Kashmiri fighter was found at the scene of the battle.

Operations were still ongoing when the last reports came in, officials said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)