Reject Annexation, Palestinians Make National Angry Day on July 1

Gaza, MINA – A number of Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip call on Palestinians in all regions to make the next Wednesday July 1 2020 as a day of popular anger against Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank.

The statement appeared in the final recommendation of the results of the national meeting, “They united against the decision of annexation and agreement of this century,” which was held in Gaza in front of all the factions, according to the PIP report quoted by MINA on Monday (June 29).

The factions stressed the need to form a people’s protection committee in the West Bank to handle annexation procedures, and work to establish a legal committee to document all occupational crimes against the Palestinian people.

He stressed the need to activate the Arab uniting dimension with Palestine in the face of annexation decisions, calling on the international community to assume full responsibility for the occupation’s decision to annex Palestinian territories.

The faction leaders have made various statements calling for Palestinian unity, ending disunity, and dissolving treaties with the occupation, and facing plans for annexation and agreement of the century with resistance in all its forms.

Meanwhile, Khalil Al-Hayya, a member of the Hamas political bureau, stressed that this national meeting is the first comprehensive national declaration in dealing with the occupation plan, and that it was the true meaning of national unity that all factions had to fulfill to face the annexation and theft of the plan Palestinian land.

He hope that the meeting would result in organizing a large event which would continue from Gaza to overcome the annexation plan, saying, delivering his speech to the occupation: “Gaza cannot be excluded, this is an illusion, and a kind of imagination.”. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)