Pierre Krahenbuhl: Political Reasons Behind the Fund Termination of UNRWA

Amman, MINA – Commissioner-General of United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) Pierre Krahenbuhl assessed the decision of United States (US) to stop funding to his institutions is having political reasons. He has indicated this case since the US has announced it in January, republica Online reported.

Krahenbuhl said, in January US had announced that they would release funds only $60 million for UNRWA though they had prepared $125 million. Krahenbuhl claimed that at that time the US did not tell him about the reasons for the reduction of funds.

“This makes me believe that the decision was made for political reasons as part of the tension between the US and Palestinian Authority. There is nothing UNRWA can do about it, “Krahenbuhl said when interviewed by the Washington Post.

The suspension was carried out by the US after acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This made Palestine finally deciding to withdraw from peace negotiations with Israel that mediated by the US.

Palestinians consider the US is no longer a neutral mediator because it is proven by the defense of Israel’s political interests. This case can be allegedly carried out by the US to return Palestine in negotiation again.

He explained, since the US decided to cut their aid funds, UNRWA has had a budget deficit of around $446 million. Fortunately,  it more than half of the deficit has been covered by donations from several countries, such as Japan, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and European Union.

“The situation is still critical but I hope we will overcome debt of $200 million,” added him.

Krahenbuhl also condemned US accusation about UNRWA that only perpetuated the problem of Palestinian refugees. “There is only one thing that perpetuates the situation of refugees, including Palestinian refugees, and which is a tremendous failure of international community to bring justice and inclusive solutions for the conflict,” he said.

The US decision to stop funding for UNRWA is believed will disturb the sustainability of institution’s programs because of US is the biggest donor to UNRWA with an average of $300 million each year. (T/Sj/RS%)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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