Peace Agreement Is Not Just the Will of One Party: Arab League

Cairo, MINA – The Arab League declared the proposed Deal of the Century announced by US President Donald Trump to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, depending on the will of both parties, not on the will of one party over the other.

“The proposal is not binding at all,” the Arab League said on Wednesday at the Cairo headquarters, Quds Press reported.

They stressed any serious plan to achieve peace must fulfill the aspirations of both parties, and consider their interests in parallel, so that concessions are made equally.

Arab League said Trump’s proposal contained heavy losses on legitimate Palestinian rights. Palestinian position was key to the plan.

However, Arab League also stated its openness to serious efforts to achieve peace and understand Trump’s motives in helping resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“Fair and sustainable peace cannot be achieved by ignoring the reality of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories since 1967, or by working to legalize the occupation,” the statement said.

The statement added the main criterion in assessing every plan for achieving peace is compliance with international law and the principles of justice.

At the request of the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League will hold an emergency session on Saturday, by presenting foreign ministers and with the participation of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss ways to deal with the draft Deal of the Century.

Trump’s plan, as thick as 80 pages, had previously been rejected by the Palestinian Authority and all resistance factions.

Large-scale demonstrations took place in West Bank cities and the Gaza Strip, including in neighboring Jordan and Lebanon, rejecting the US plans. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)