Palestinian Resistance Factions Ready to Stop Netanyahu’s Arrogance

Gaza, MINA – Palestinian Resistance Factions stressed that resistance is always ready in the field with various tactics to stop Zionist’s arrogance and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s excitement.

They said in a statement which was broadcasted on Wednesday, September 11, “Netanyahu’s election criminal propaganda will not succeed our people will cancel all his plans and destroy his dream”.

“Today, Netanyahu’s criminals are watching us with incomplete and crude election propaganda, states to annex part of West Bank and Jordan Valley, and proud of that he is continuing “Deal of the Century” although it is failed in the future, and resounding resignation from the pathetic Trump deal team member, Greenblatt,” said the statement.

The statement was quoted by Safa, they will not accept that Palestinian land and sanctity are part of the enemy election bazaar and its defeated leadership.

Palestinian Resistance Factions asked Palestinian President to hand over resistance in West Bank and cancel security coordination.

Rockets-fired happened several times after Netanyahu’s press conference announced his intention to annex Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)