Palestinian Prisoners: Treatment in Israel Jails without Sense of Humanity

Foto: Former Palestinian Prisoners from Israeli Prisons Ghufran Zamil

Cileungsi, Bogor, MINA – Former Palestinian Prisoners from Israeli Prisons Ghufran Zamil said, during in the Israeli jails, she got limited access of human treatment.

She said this during a webinar themed “Fighting From Prisoners, The Story of Palestinian Fighters From Israeli Apartheid Prisons,” which was broadcasted on Al Jama’ah TV, on Saturday, June 12.

Zamil recounted her situation in Israeli Prison, during his detention in 2010, he felt more tortured mentally than physically.

“For two months, I was in a detention cell, actually I felt more tortured mentally than physically because during those 2 months I was not allowed to call a lawyer, couldn’t contact my family and couldn’t ask for anything I needed,” she said.

“The accusations to me because of my profession as a journalist, determined to endanger the Israeli Zionists, so I had to be prisoned,” she continued.

In the prison, Zamil met  several Palestinian women prisoners who had been detained since 2006.

In detention, Israel deliberately ignored them by denying access to health services.

“So all problems of Palestinian prisoners become topic of discussion for Muslims in the world, become a subject of dialogue for scholars of the International community so that they care about the fate of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons who are treated unfairly and barbarically. ” she stressed.

“Hopefully we are among those who defend the truth, defend the Aqsa Mosque and be part of the struggle for the liberation of the Aqsa Mosque until finally we can enjoy praying there and praying at the Aqsa Mosque,” she hoped. (L/Hju/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)