Palestinian Cities Threatened Electricity Termination

West Bank, MINA – Minister of the Palestinian Regional Government, Majdi Al-Saleh said Israel has threatened to cut off electricity supply to several cities in Palestine.

The threat, he said, was in response from Israel regarding bad coordination with the Palestinians, over Israel’s plan to annex the Palestinian West Bank region.

In its statement as reported by the Middle East Monitor, the ministry condemned Israel’s aggressive threat. Moreover, when the threat is exploited during a pandemic that is experienced by countries around the world.

Al-Saleh requested that international institutions and human rights, including the Red Cross, stop the Israeli inhumane practices especially those which threaten work on all health facilities and measures at this critical time.

Israeli authorities have also provided further information to 47 local councils that they will cut off their electricity supply. Not only the threat, up to now Israel has also reportedly cut off electricity from several cities including Tafooh and Bani Naim and other parts of Hebron, Palestine.

The Israeli move disrupts the work of the health care center used to test and treat Covid-19 patients.

Responding to this, the mayor of the city of Yaabad near Jenin said the Israeli government had cut off the electricity supply on the pretext, the debt had not been paid.

Yet according to him, that reason does not make sense. Moreover, when the city government and the Yaabad Electricity Authority have all official documents that prove the bill has been settled.

However, Israel is now also reportedly reopening direct channels of communication with the Palestinian territories.

The aim is to avoid the Palestinian Authority’s decision to have severe communication with Israel. However, this intention was motivated by Tel Aviv’s plans to annex large areas of the West Bank. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)