Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Visits Ternate North Maluku

Ternate, MINA – The Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Mr. Zuhair Al-Shun visits Ternate, North Maluku Province. He arrived at Sultan Baabullah airport on Friday afternoon, 1 first November.

He welcomed by the governor North Maluku Province KH Abdul Ghani Kasub. The first governor shook the ambassador’s hand while speaking in Arabic, at the entrance of the Palestinian ambassador’s airport in a typical North Maluku cloth.

Zuhair’s visit to Ternate was the first time. However, he admitted to the Governor that he had recognized the North Maluku Province as an island of the kings.

Abdul Ghani also told more about his province consisting of islands with more than a thousand islands. The population is around 1.2 million who inhabit 89 islands.

The governor, who is an alumnus of the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, expressed his desire to visit Palestine and Al-Quds.

“You must visit Palestine and the Al Aqsa Mosque,” Zuhair welcomed.

After the brief discussion, Zuhair and his wife went directly to the Grand Dafam International Hotel with the police escort. The governor even helped deliver both of them to the hotel room.

Zuhair is scheduled to fill a number of events organized by Fastabiqul Khairat Foundation part of Al-Fatah which is facilitated by the Aqsa Working Group (AWG) from Friday to Sunday (1-3 / 11). (L/Ais/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)