Ministry of Religion Nunukan Holds Hajj Rituals Online

Hajj Rituals (photo screenshot)

Nunukan, MINA – Indonesian Ministry of Religion in Nunukan region is racking its brains to keep providing training and services for pilgrims. Because of banning for face-to-face meeting, so they conduct face-to-face online.

The effort is made to adjust to the conditions of daily development in Indonesia related to the outbreak of coronavirus or Covid-19. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, all countries including Indonesia issued a policy so that the people are not affected by the plague. One of them is to maintain distance between individuals or physical distancing.

The Head of Ministry of Religion of Nunukan, through the Head of the Hajj and Umrah (PHU) Section Sayid Abdullah, said the government was maximizing Covid-19 control by limiting social interaction. The Ministry of Religion of Nunukan issued a policy of study, work, and worship at home.

“Even though we cannot get face-to-face meetings, we can use the Zoom application media. We can again conduct Hajj Rituals Throughout the Year online,” said Sayid as quoted from Republika.

Sayid said as the pilgrimage ritual schedule throughout the year that had been launched since January, for the last few weeks had stopped for Covid-19 prevention. But by utilizing existing technology, all can be overcome. The Ministry of Religion Nunukan has also conducted online pilgrimage rituals.

According to Sayid, now pilgrims and presenters do not need to leave the house when meeting. They no longer need to gather for a while.

“The government is maximizing Covid-19 control by limiting social interaction. The policies of learning, working, and worshiping at home are intensified.We ourselves also try Manasik from Home,” said the man who had been a hajj officer.

The duration of the Manasik Guidance runs for 40 minutes every day. One session can only be attended by 40 people. If there are pilgrims who have not been accommodated, the Ministry of Religion will impose 2 zones of the ritual group.

The ritual participants came from the Nunukan and South Nunukan Island Zones, pilgrims from outside the region, as well as Indonesian pilgrims living in Malaysia. In addition, pilgrims from the Sebatik Island Zone and surrounding areas also participated in rituals from the Ministry of Religion Nunukan.

He hopes that the giving of ritual materials using this application can be useful. He asked the participants of the rituals to keep on trying and pray that the Covid-19 outbreak will soon pass. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)