Member of Jordan Parliament: Arab’s Biggest Mistake Is Believing in Israel

Amman, MINA – Kais Zayadin, member of the Jordanian Parliament said, the biggest mistake made by Arab countries was to believe that the Israeli occupation state would create peace and reach a lasting solution for Palestinian goals.

“Palestinian leaders go to Oslo with optimism that they can reach a gradual solution that will lead to a country. But the Israeli occupation entity continues to steal our land and cause damage to our people without any prevention from the international community,” he said. As reported by Arab News, Saturday.

He said this by online on the 53rd anniversary of Naksa, the beginning of the 1967 occupation of Arab territory by Israel.

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Another speaker, Adnan Abu-Odeh, political adviser to King Jordan Hussein and King Abdullah II, said that Arab countries and Palestinian leaders had failed to understand the aims of Zionism.

“The government that participated in the war was naive, hoping for a repeat of the 1956 Sinai invasion when the US ordered the Israeli withdrawal. The false belief that we can free land using war,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anees Sweidan, Director General of Foreign Relations at the PLO, said the Palestinian struggle is currently undergoing a complicated phase where political opportunities are very limited.

“The US bias against Israel and the lack of unity have placed the Palestinian movement in a difficult situation. “It’s more difficult to generate external support and the financial crisis is causing much suffering despite the fact that we have made important achievements at the UN and Europe,” he said.

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Lily Habash, a graduate of political science at Exeter University, sees Israel using geopolitical and regional change to its advantage.

“Today’s danger has driven despair, but Palestine will be strong in the long run,” he added.

According to him, the Palestinian struggle needs a savior to get him out of the current dilemma. “But more importantly, Palestinian leaders must have strong confidence and work on all fronts. (T/R7/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)