(Foto: Image from Jefferson City Muslim Community website)
(Image from Jefferson City Muslim Community website)

Jefferson City, Missouri, 3 Safar 1437  Muharram 1437/15  November 2015 (MINA) – The Jefferson City Muslim Community (JCMC) hosted an open house on Saturday, (11/14) to meet community members and address misconceptions about Islam, KOMU-TV news reported.

The event included a lunch of Arabian food, a tour of the mosque and presentations about Islam.

The presentations were delivered by Rihab Sawah, a professor and St. Louis native who moved from Syria with her family when she was 3 years old. She discussed the differences between Islam and ISIS and fielded questions from guests, International Islamic News Agency (IINA) reported.

“We want to talk to others, to show them who we are, what this religion is about,” said Abdelmoula Haboub, a volunteer imam at the mosque. “We talk about the ethics of Islam and the basics of Islam and about this faith.”

The presentation was given a second time for guests who came later in the day because of the attacks in Paris that killed around 129 people. ISIS claims responsibility for the attack.

“We are severely condemning what happened yesterday in Paris,” said Haboub.

That is not a part of Islam. Islam is about, as the law says in the Qur’an, if somebody kills a soul for no reason, it’s like he killed all human beings. And if he saves a life it’s like he saves all mankind. (T/Imt/R04)

Mi’raj Islamc News Agency (MINA)