Israeli Occupation Demolish Four Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem

Photo: Wafa

Jerusalem, MINA – The Israeli occupation forces and settlers continued their attacks on Wednesday, against Palestinian people, their holy sites, and their properties, Wafa reported.

The bulldozers of the occupation demolished a house in the Ras Khamis neighborhood, north of occupied Jerusalem, and local sources reported that large forces of the occupation army, accompanied by two bulldozers, demolished a house in the camp, which consisted of two rooms roofed with tinplate.

The occupation forces also demolished three homes in occupied Jerusalem, bringing the toll from the morning hours to four .

East of Bethlehem, the occupation authorities swept three dunums in the village of Keysan, east of Bethlehem.

In a related context, the Israeli occupation authorities stopped work on a land reclamation project in the village of Deir Nizam, north of Ramallah on Wednesday evening. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)