Indonesian Parliament Supports Government to not Open Relations with Israel

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Jakarta, MINA – Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani, supports the government’s stance that it will not open diplomatic relations with Israel.

The move, according to Puan, is also in line with Indonesia’s consistent stance in supporting Palestinian independence.

“As long as the independence of the Palestinian people has not been handed over to the Palestinians, that is why the Indonesian nation has stood against the Israeli occupation,” said Puan in a written statement received by MINA on Sunday.

According to Puan, the principle of a two-state solution which requires Palestinian independence to solve the Palestinian problem is an absolute condition that Israel must fulfill.

“Without Israeli recognition of Palestinian independence, Indonesia will firmly not open diplomatic relations with Israel,” said the alumnus of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Puan conveyed this following the issue of the opening of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Israel which was raised by Israeli media at the same time as the opening of diplomatic relations between several Middle Eastern countries and Israel.

In Indonesia, this issue is getting stronger with the reopening of Calling Visas for citizens of several countries with certain vulnerabilities, including Israel.

The Calling Visa has been in effect since 2012 based on Permenkumham Number.M.HH-01.GR.01.06 of 2012 and does not shake Indonesia’s stance regarding support for Palestine and against Israeli occupation.

The reason for the reopening of the Calling Visa service is to accommodate the human rights of intermarried couples and business visits.

Calling visas are only for citizens of countries with a level of ideological, political, economic, social and immigration vulnerability.

Due to this level of vulnerability, Calling Visa countries are the last cluster to be granted relaxation of visa applications after restrictions on foreigners entering Indonesian territory.

Puan said the government had to be careful and careful about this. Be well prepared, don’t let the Calling Visa question become an issue or an entry point as if Indonesia is about to open diplomatic relations with Israel.

“Make sure it is in accordance with international rules and continue to strengthen communication with the Palestinians,” he stressed. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)