Indonesian Military Chief Inaugurates Alugoro-405 Submarine in Natuna

Photo: PT PAL

Natuna, MINA – Indonesian Military Chief, Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto inaugurated Alugoro-405 submarine, the result of cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea.

The inauguration was carried out at the Port Facility (Faslabuh) of the Lampa Strait, Ranai, Natuna, Riau Islands on Tuesday.

According to Hadi, Alugoro-405 is important to protect border areas and vulnerable waters such as the North Natuna Sea and the South China Sea.

The location of the inauguration in Natuna is also a symbol of Indonesian Army’s readiness as the front guard in upholding maritime sovereignty.

“The readiness of facilities in Natuna, which is directly adjacent to the South China Sea, will increase the operational range of sea power to the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone,” he said.

The submarine was built in collaboration with PT PAL and DSME South Korea in the context of Transfer of Technology as well as transfer of knowledge.

Alugoro is the first submarine to be assembled at the PT PAL Surabaya facility.

The ship is 61.3 meters long and capable of traveling at a speed of approximately 21 knots below the surface of the water.

The ship can also sail for more than 50 days and can accommodate more than 40 crew members plus a team of elite Indonesian Navy troops to support its operational functions.

The name Alugoro is taken from the name of King Balarama’s weapon in the form of a club with very powerful destructive power. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)