Indonesia Wins AFF U22 Champhionship

Phnom Penh, MINA – The Indonesian Football National Team won 2019 AFF U-22 Cup champhionship after beating Thailand 2-1 at the Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tuesday.

Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sport, Imam Nahrawi who watched the struggle of the young Garuda squad was very proud of this achievement.

“We won. Thanks. The national team coach (Indonesia) is very cool. It was amazing. They really play well, “said the Menpora after the match ended as the press statement received by MINA.

According to Nahrawi, the strategy implemented by coach Indra Sjafri was very good. Coach Indra Sjafri was able to maximize the potential of young Indonesian footballers.

“They (the players) are able to create good opportunities so that goals are created. Thank you Coach Indra Sjafri, thank you all, “said Nahrawi.

The match at the Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh take place fiercely. Both teams were equally pressing since the first round. In the first round, Indonesia and Thailand were balanced 0-0. Despite having several opportunities, both teams have the same difficulty tearing up the opponent’s goal.

In the second half, the first trial was conducted by Sani Rizki. The young Indonesian midfielder fired a shot from outside the penalty box, but his effort was still too weak and the ball could be caught by Nareechan.

In the 50th minute, an attack was designed by Indonesia. A crossing breakthrough was given to Witan, but Nareechan thwarted it with a sliding kick. Both of them had collided and had to get a little treatment.

In the 55th minute, an experiment was conducted by Thailand. From outside the penalty box on the right side, Jaroensak released a kick that could be thwarted by Cloud Setho swiftly.

In the 57th minute, Thailand took the lead through the captain Saring Prompsupa. Utilizing a free kick, Saringkan’s header made the ball slide into the bottom left corner of the Indonesian goal.

Indonesia responded briefly to the goal. In the 58th minute, Sani Rizki’s shot from outside the penalty box hit the opponent’s defender. Changing ball movements tricked Nareechan and finally entered the Thai goal. The score was 1-1.

Indonesia was excited after being able to equalize the score. In the 63rd minute, the Indonesia finally turned ahead through Osvaldo Haay. Through Muhammad Lutfi’s free kick, Osvaldo’s header went into Thailand’s goal and Nareechan failed to secure it for the second time. The score turned into 2-1.

Left behind made Thailand pound the Indonesian defense. But Indonesia plays safe. Indra Sjafri included Rachmat Irianto in place of Witan Sulaeman, to add strength to the back line.

Indonesia can actually carry out counter-attacks occasionally. In the 87th minute, Osvaldo almost added advantage if his match when facing one on one with Nareechan did not deviate.

A minute later, Indonesia lost Bagas Adi Nugroho. The captain of the team was sent off for making a careless violation to the Thai player. However, until the game was finished, Indonesia’s superiority persisted. Indonesia’s victory over Thailand 2-1 led the Young Garuda U-22 Cup AFF squad. (TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)