Indonesia Sends Aids  for Pakistan

Indonesia Sends Aids  for Pakistan (photo: BNPB)

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian government will send aids for the Pakistan. The assistance include refugee tents, salt water lamps, mats, mattresses, blankets, children’s clothes, adult clothes, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, antigen test equipment, cleaning equipment and a 2 kilo volt ampere generator.

As quoted from Info on Sunday, the provision of assistance was an order from President Joko Widodo as a form of solidarity with the Pakistanis and they will be sent by the Garuda Indonesia airline today, Monday.

The Head of BNPB  (National Disaster Management) Lieutenant General Suharyanto asked all the parties involved in its distribution to be careful so the Aids are  still in good condition and not overloaded.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Emergency Management, Major General TNI Fajar Setyawan said, the assistance are from various ministries, institutions, non-government organizations, state-owned enterprises, and private parties.

“The assistance are from the Indonesian government and non-governmental organizations, such as state-owned enterprises and private parties. All parties work hand in hand to ease the burden of Pakistan flood victims,” he said. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)