Indonesia Export 6,100 tons of Corn from Sulawesi to Philippines

Workers move corn on board for export, at the Port of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Friday (photo by JIBI / Paulus Tandi Bone )

Palu, MINA – The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture through the Palu Agricultural Quarantine again facilitated the export of 6,100 tons of corn with an economic value of Rp. 22 billion to the Philippines and 22.26 tons of Coconut Water Concentrate (CWC) to Singapore on Friday.

Tojo Unauna (Touna) District, Central Sulawesi is one of the national centers for corn and coconut in Central Sulawesi. It is not only supplying national needs but also penetrating foreign markets.

Currently in Touna, there is already an industry that processes agricultural products made from corn and coconut, which have been able to penetrate foreign markets. This export also provides added value, especially for corn and coconut farmers in Touna, so it needs to be appreciated.

“With its strategic location and abundant agricultural products, Ampana Regency (the central government of Touna Regency) can be directly exported, this should be appreciated,” said Head of the Agricultural Quarantine Agency, Ali Jamil in his remarks delivered by Andi Yusmanto.

According to him, with direct export access in addition to added value for farmers, the community and district government can also increase the enthusiasm of farmers in cultivation. Products that are abundant, healthy and safe so that they are able to compete in the global market.

Meanwhile, the Head of Palu Agricultural Quarantine, Soma Wijaya explained since the quarantine service was opened in the 2018, the work of quarantine officers in the Ampana Work Area can be easier and faster. So that the issuance of a plant quarantine health certificate or Phythosanitary Certificate (PC) which is the requirement of the destination country can be fulfilled immediately.

At a time of a pandemic like now, corn farmers in Touna may be proud because the production is abundant and high quality so that they can return to export after the last time in 2018.

“Support from the Ministry of Agriculture for corn cultivation programs that are already” on the track “, yield and quality can enter the export market,” said Leo Yogie, a corn exporter from PT.SAN.

According to Andi Yusmanto, in addition to the synergy built by all stakeholders in the agricultural sector, both central, regional, business actors and farmers, his party also opens the widest possible access to information for the community.

“This is in line with the movement initiated by the Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo, the three-fold export movement or Gratieks, which gave tremendous impetus,” said Andi.

From the upstream side, all technical directorates carry out programs to boost production, quality development and downstream support. Also it is as an agricultural facilitator in international trade, apart from providing fast services and digitization, Barantan also provides assistance in meeting technical requirements.

“With the increasingly unpopular tariff policy in world trade, the fulfillment of sanitary and phytosanitary requirements is the main key to entering the export market. As the national quarantine authority, we are ready to facilitate it, “said Andi. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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