West Java Releases Grated Coconut Exports to Mexico

Bandung, MINA – The West Java Provincial Government released the export of grated coconut worth US$ 35,000 or IDR 524.13 million to Mexico.

The release of exports produced by CV Coco Indonesia Maju, a millennial business actor from Pangandaran Regency, was carried out in the front yard of Gedung Sate, Bandung City on Friday.

“Today, we are releasing a container truck of millennial exporters from West Java. What we just released together is desiccated coconut or commonly called grated coconut,” said Assistant General Administration of the West Java Provincial Secretariat, Ferry Sofwan Arif, after the Release of the Millennial Exporters Kick Off, as West Java Provincial Government Public Relations release.

According to Ferry, currently the West Java Provincial Government is focusing on the growth of young and millennial exporters. He said, there are non-oil and gas export niches that can be filled by young people or millennial entrepreneurs.

“We reflect on export data, West Java is the highest in Indonesia because our products are more diverse,” said Ferry.

He said, the potential for millennial exporters can be seen from the population data of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2020 which states that the population of West Java reaches 48.2 million people.

Of this number, said Ferry, as many as 25 percent are young people or Generation Y, and 21 percent are Generation Z.

“This group of young people is more than 50 percent. They can be consumers as well as producers,” he said.

According to him, the opportunity to export commodities, as well as processed products from millennials is very open and the market niche is wide.

According to him, the variety of products exported by West Java millennials ranged from urine bags, coal briquettes, grated coconut, to ornamental plants.

“We can work on this together. They (millennials) are information literate and digital.  The most potential is this opportunity can be used by generations Y and Z,” he said.

Millennial Exporter Acceleration

The West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Industry and Trade is currently actively encouraging the growth of the number of millennial exporters who are included in the Small and Medium Industry (IKM) category.

The Head of the West Java Province Industry and Trade Office, Iendra Sofyan, said that his party was boosting the growth of millennial exporters through the Export Coaching Program (ECP), which has been implemented since 2019.

“So far, we have trained around 240 millennial exporters. In 2022, 30 out of 150 people have registered and we have successfully curated it,” said Iendra.

In the ECP Program, for a year participants are given knowledge about market research of export destination countries, searching for data on prospective buyers, and business correspondence.

In addition, information and market opportunities from trade representatives in export destination countries are also provided, as well as preparation for business matching.

“From April to June 2022, we have managed to export US$158,344 of 9 commodities,” he said.

The ECP program will continue to be developed, it cooperates with banking support, to Bank Indonesia and related agencies such as the West Java KUK, the West Java Food Crops and Horticulture Service, and the West Java Plantation Service.

“Everything must be coordinated in the Disperindag because we will report all export activities, both manufacturing and IKM,” he said.

Iendra also said that his party continues to encourage non-manufacturing exports because until now, West Java’s largest export is manufacturing, which is 98 percent.

“So we encourage the rest, which is two percent for non-manufactured products,” concluded Iendra. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)