Indian Hospitals Running Out of Oxygen

Photo: Tribunnews

New Delhi, MINA – Six hospitals in the Indian capital, New Delhi are running out of oxygen. Doctors said other hospitals had oxygen supplies for several hours.

A number of Covid-19 patients have died because they did not get oxygen. Meanwhile, more than 99 percent of all beds in intensive care across hospitals are full.

India recorded the highest daily tally in the world on Thursday, which reached 314,835 cases of the coronavirus and deaths increased by 2,104.

Delhi’s NDTV television station reported that state authorities had stopped shipping oxygen tanks to other states. Meanwhile, several facilities have been accused of hoarding oxygen supplies.

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Indian politician Saurabh Bharadwaj, who is being treated in a Delhi hospital with Covid-19, posted a plea for help in Hindi on Twitter. He said the oxygen supply at the hospital where he was treated only had oxygen supply for the next three hours.

“A lot of people are dependent on oxygen and without oxygen, these people will die, like dead fish if there is no water. It’s time for all to work together, “said Bharadwaj.

BBC reports that Delhi is known to have one of the best health care facilities in India. But hospitals in Delhi are beginning to be brought to their knees by a surge in coronavirus cases.

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Lack of oxygen supply made the situation in the hospital uncontrollable. A doctor working at a government hospital in southern India said tensions were rising.

“Patients try to beat the doctors. They blame the doctors for everything and even the (hospital) management is also blaming the doctors. It is a stressful environment,” said the doctor, who asked not to be named.

“Currently, 99 percent of oxygen is used, and only 1 percent remains. This is a very sad situation,” said the doctor added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)