Heidy Utami, Ramadan in US During Covid-19

Virtual discussion about Ramadan in the US, Wednesday (6/5). (Photo screenshot)

New York, MINA – Heidy Utami, an Indonesian Muslim women who lives in New York, United States told about her daily activities in the month of Ramadan, especially when the country is facing coronavirus pandemic.

Heidy, who works at a company in the US since February last year, said that Ramadan this time is very different. She told, the holy month this year, Muslim community in New York focused the worship activities in their houses.

“I am very lucky because in New York the number of Muslim communities is very large, including Indonesian Muslims,” ​​Heidy said in a virtual discussion about Ramadan in the US on Wednesday, May 5.

There are many small mosques built by Muslims from various countries. So that during Ramadan like this, it is easy to find Iftar and free dinner, especially for those who lives alone.

However, during the pandemic, Heidy said it’s difficult to find festivity because New York is still implementing lockdown.  So,  it is not possible to leave the house.

The US government decided to extend the order to “stay at home” until April 30. That means, the mosques will remain closed during Ramadan, even until Eid Fitri.

The decision was taken considering the number of victims who infected and died due to coronavirus.

Life in New York has changed greatly. New York, which is usually very busy and crowded city with many vehicles passing by, is now very quiet, like not in a metropolitan city.

Heidy left the house only for urgent purposes and must implement health protocols such as wearing masks, keeping a distance and washing hands.

She also hopes that the coronavirus pandemic will soon end so that life will back to normal. (L/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)