Heavy Rains Exacerbate the Suffering of Displaced Palestinians in Camps

Photo: special

Gaza, MINA – Heavy rains in the Gaza Strip have exacerbated the suffering of hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians in tents and shelter centers, Anadolu Agency reports.

Water from Friday’s rains flooded thousands of camps inundating the belongings of the residents and leaving them without blankets and warm clothes.

“Heavy rains inundated many low-lying areas in Gaza,” said Palestinian Civil Defense spokesman Mahmoud Basal.

“We received more than a thousand warnings about flooded tents and homes in various governorates of Gaza,” he added.

“What hinders the work of civil defense crews is the lack of the necessary amounts of fuel to operate rainwater pumps and move rescue vehicles to flooded areas,” the spokesman said.

With water standing in the tents, diseases are likely to be spread, he added. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)