Gaza City, 10 Dhul Qa’ida 1434/16 September 2013 (MINA) – Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, member of the political bureau of Hamas, said there are several reasons for the attack on Hamas and the Palestinians in Syria and Egypt.

       Abu Marzouk noted in a statement on Saturday that the hostility of the Israeli entity and America against Hamas is very obvious and many incitements published by newspapers against Hamas were the result of such enmity, Palestine’s Al-Resalah reported as quoted by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

       He denied that his movement had moved away from the axis of resistance, and stressed that Hamas is basically a resistance movement.

       The member of Hamas politburo pointed out that another reason for the attack on Hamas is the Palestinian internal division, and the existence of two different projects; one of them supports the negotiations with Israel while the other is based on resistance.

       He denied that Hamas had ever intervened in the internal affairs of other states, and said: “This is pure fabrication … until now this has not been proven.”

       He said that Hamas is a part of the Islamic trend that is progressing with the Arab Spring, and stressed that the priority of Hamas is resisting its enemy, liberating the land, and achieving the right of return for its people.

       Regarding the Oslo Agreement, Abu Marzouk said this accord brought recognition of the Israeli entity and its legitimacy, adding that it divided the Palestinian land into two parts 78% of the land for Israel, and the other 22% will be determined by the negotiations!

       He added that the agreement also divided Palestine between the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the 1948 territories, and ended the national project that was based on ending the occupation, liberating historical Palestine and achieving the return of refugees.

       The Hamas official said that the Oslo Accord ended the Palestinian Intifada (uprising), and created division in the Palestinian arena. (T/P02)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

Source: http://www.alresalah.ps/en/index.php?act=post&id=2630

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