Hamas Appreciates Declaration of “International Al-Quds Week”

Al-Quds, MINA – The Hamas Islamic Movement expresses its appreciation for a number of institutions, communities, and the initiators of “International Al-Quds Week” at the end of the month of Rajab, this step is proof that the issue of Al-Quds remains alive in the souls of Muslims.

In a press statement delivered by the Head of Hamas abroad, Dr. Maher Sholah, “Al-Quds is not only limited to the capital, but more to the spirit of Muslims, the center of unity and a symbol of its pride and glory, liberating it is a statement of the defeat of western hegemony, which continues to strive to defeat Muslims by colonizing the Muslim community’s first direction.

The city of Al-Quds continues to be invaded by judaism, and various threats and intimidation felt by its citizens, the attack on Aqsa Mosque to divide it in time and place, as well as the evil statement that Al-Quds is the capital of Israel, Palestinian information said.

“International Al-Quds Week” which is initiated by a number of institutions, communities and ulama centers on the weekend of the month of Rajab every year. This hope indicates that the issue of al-Quds is still alive in the souls of every Muslim, even though suffering has been in succession, Al-Quds has remained a priority for the people throughout its history,” said Sholah.

According to Sholah, the clerics are leading the struggle to change and liberate Palestine, giving awareness, they unite to declare “International Al-Quds Week”, a week of unity, a week of steadfastness in facing all wounds, to save the injured city of al-Quds, in the hope of liberating it in the near future, with complete confidence, faith and trust in Allah.

The Hamas figure calls on all parties to move and succeed in the struggle, to believe in the goals outlined, and to be actively involved in the “International Al-Quds Week” campaign.

The action is a real momentum to introduce the threat to the city of al-Quds, to instill hope in the souls of millions of citizens that the day of liberation of Al-Quds and Palestine is a real reality. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)