Ustadz Watteau Ibrahim Fatwah Committee, Vice Chairman of the IDCP. Halal Certification Authority  (Foto: Mi'rajnews)
Ustadz Watteau Ibrahim
Fatwah Committee, Vice Chairman of the IDCP. Halal Certification Authority
(Foto: Mi’rajnews)

Jakarta, 25 Rajab 1436/14 Mei 2015 (MINA) – Fatwah Committee’s Vice Chairman of the IDCP. Halal Certification Authority Ustadz Watteau Ibrahim said, the development of halal products in the Philippines is improving. It is noticed that the country’s private companies are aware of the increased in demand of their products for the Muslim Community.

“The development of halal products will also increasingly benefit their income  and the Philippines government is in full support of the halal program,”Ustadz Watteau Ibrahim told Mi’raj Islamic News Agency  (MINA) on Wednesday (13/5)

 The IDCP agency is an institution appointed by the government of the Philippines to issue the country’s halal certification.

According to him, The Muslims are very aware that they are commanded by the Almighty Allah to only eat and work in the halal manner.

“The Muslims in the Philippines have the halal Consumers Watch, monitoring all products that are duly certified by authoritative Halal Certification Authority such as the IDCP Halal certification authority,” he added.

“The Philippines government strongly supports the Halalization of the Philippines products because this makes the economy become progressive,”he said.

The Islamic Dawah Council of the Philippines- Halal Certification Authority are receiving more companies registering and participating in the World Halal Assurance Forum held in Manila in order to halalize their products which is being exported to the Muslim Countries.

The Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines (IDCP) which is a federation of more than 90 Muslim religious organizations in the Philippines organized in the different municipalities and Muslim communities in the Philippines, have started to formulate its rules and procedures in conducting verification and validation of halal claims including the setting up of standards on halal certification since 1987 or there about. (L/Imt/R04)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)