Halal Expo Indonesia 2019 Held at ICE BSD, 6-8 December

Halal Expo 2019 press conference (photo: Sajadi / MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) will be held for the second time. The event will take place on December 6, 7 and 8, 2019 at ICE BSD Tangerang, Banten Province.

Halal Expo Indonesia 2019 carries the theme “Halal is Everything” which will be filled by the exhibition of halal products ranging from food, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, property, education, Umrah and Hajj travel, and finance.

According to Skyconnection as organizer of HEI 2019, there will be many talk show sessions presenting speakers from academics, regulators (MUI and BPJPH), practitioners, and scholars.

“At the first time, we only had a small talkshow session but this time we opened a hall to really have a conference,” said Aryo Wibisono, CEO of Skyconnection after the press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to Aryo, the real purpose of the Halal Expo itself was in the context of preaching to unite the people, socialize, and explore public awareness about Halal.

The awareness of the Indonesian people about halal is still considered lacking and for this reason, it is expected that all visitors who attend the Halal Expo Indonesia have the same views and opinions on the meaning of halal.

Besides industry exhibitions, Halal Expo Indonesia also has a lot of interesting content. Featured content from Halal Expo Indonesia includes HEISpeak, HElshare, HElkids, and HElact.

HEISpeak is a discussion forum for visitors to learn and get more knowledge about Halal in Islam.

The speakers in this event were not only from asatidz or religious teachers but also from business people, academics, and regulators.

The purpose of HEISpeak is to unite opinions about Halal from different points of view and legitimized by the clerics according to the religious principles set out in Al-Quran and Hadith.

It is hoped that all visitors who attend and exit the Halal Expo Indonesia will have the same views and opinions on the meaning of halal.

Halal Expo Indonesia also provides a play area for children, namely in the Children’s Area. One of the many games provided is the Nussa character coloring contest.

In addition, Halal Expo Indonesia also held Adzan and Murottal competitions for elementary to university level. HEl provides Umrah Prizes and cash which will be handed over directly by well-known Qori Indonesia and Abroad.

Aryo Wibisono explained further Halal Expo Indonesia through the HElact program tried to carry and educate the program to reduce waste to visitors.

Starting from sadaqah rubbish, sorting waste, and reducing the use of plastic will try to be applied. With the aim of increasing public awareness by this less waste program to reduce plastic waste in Indonesia. (L/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)