Gaza “Successfully” Overcome Coronavirus: WHO

Gaza, MINA – Abdel Nasser Subh, Director of the Office of World Health Organization (WHO) in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, called the steps of Ministry of Health and government agencies in the Gaza Strip to deal with coronavirus (Covid-19) as a “successful” action.

Abdel Nasser said WHO continues to monitor the situation internally in the Gaza Strip, also related to the Ministry of Health’s procedures regarding quarantine, inspection, readiness, and conditions in hospitals and health centers.

“The steps taken in the Gaza Strip are good. So far it has succeeded in protecting the public from within. Especially, the steps taken are limiting crossings and quarantine for those who enter the Gaza Strip, “Abdel Nasser said as quoted from Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) on Friday, March 27.


Regarding the two positive cases found in quarantine, he stressed that this did not pose a threat to the Gaza Strip.

“These two cases are from outside (not yet in Gaza). This case does not originate from within Gaza society. The case comes with people who travel to places where the virus is spread. Thus, it is not a danger for the people in the Gaza Strip, “he stressed.

Regarding the potential and capability that exists in the Gaza Strip in handling corona outbreaks, Abdel explained the tools and chemicals needed to conduct the test, currently enough to examine about 300 cases.

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Gaza has a field hospital at the Rafah crossing, which contains 40 beds, including 6 for intensive care. In the hospital, two people who were found positive for corona being quarantined.

According to him, one of the gaps experienced by the Gaza Strip is the lack of intensive care and respirators for hundreds of cases if it occures. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)