Expert: Security Service in Gaza Hit Head of Israeli Intelligence “Mossad”

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – A Palestinian security expert confirmed that the arrest of a veteran collaborator with the occupation by the security services in Gaza, who is one of the perpetrators of the assassination of the martyr Fadi al-Batsh in Malaysia, is a distinguished achievement and a new victory over the Israeli Mossad, one of the most powerful intelligence services in the world.

The security affairs specialist, Muhammad Abu Harbid, said on Monday, that “the Mossad is one of the 10 largest intelligence services in the world, and it has huge capabilities and in cooperation with various countries in the world, but it is now receiving security failures by the security services in the Gaza Strip.”

He continued, “When we talk about Gaza, the matter is different, and all the capabilities of the security services of the occupation are disturbed, because the Palestinian security in Gaza has special standards, and it has a clear vision in dealing with risks and threats, and this is what we witnessed in the security strikes directed at the occupation.”, MINA’s Contribor in Gaza reported.

Abu Harbid said, “The arrest of one of those involved in this crime is a special revelation that differs from any security operation carried out in the past, even in the history of Palestinian security work.”

He added, “What this intelligence officer will report is a new security treasure, which will reveal other information that will enable the security services in Gaza to learn about the new behavior of the Israeli Mossad and its strategies of work in the world, and thus the Mossad’s work map becomes an open book for the Palestinian security services in Gaza.”

Abu Harbid added that this event turned the security equation and shocked the occupation, and even the security services in the world and the international media are awaiting further results from the investigations about this major security revelation.

The security expert pointed out that “this crime occurred thousands of miles away from Palestine in 2018, during which the Mossad used deception and confusion operations to prevent the Malaysian security services from reaching the perpetrators, but this failed in front of the security services vigilance and long experiences in Gaza.”

He stressed that “after a violent struggle between the security services in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli (Shin Bet) and (Aman) intelligence units, we are now entering the stage of a clear conflict with (Mossad), which is considered the top of the pyramid in the occupation’s security services.”

Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza announced the arrest of one of those involved in the assassination of the martyr Dr. Fadi Al-Batsh in Malaysia.

It pointed out that the arrested is a veteran intelligence officer in the “Mossad”, and has been working with the occupation since 2006, and has carried out several other tasks for the benefit of the occupation.

Its worth nothing that the Israeli Mossad assassinated the martyred Palestinian scientist, Fadi al-Batsh, on April 21, 2018, when two unidentified motorcyclists shot him while he was on his way to the dawn prayer at the mosque near his home in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)