Digital Animal Sacrifice During Pandemic

Jakarta, MINA – PT Bank BRI Syariah Tbk offers digital animal sacrifices for people who want to perform qurban worship in the midst of pandemic.

People can sacrifice without having to leave the house and help qurban animal traders to maximize their sales.

BRI Syariah will maximize Digital Sacrifice through the BRIS Online mobile application. Through this application, the public can carry out online qurban worship.

“You do this by going to the Ziswaf menu and then selecting the sacrifice menu, entering the nominal and confirming,” Mulyanto said in a press statement on Monday (July 13).

BRI Syariah has cooperated with trusted Ziswaf institutions such as Baznas, Dompet Dhuafa, Rumah Zakat, and ACT so that the community can choose the desired Ziswaf institution.

Sacrificial meat is then distributed by these institutions to those who need it.

Mulyatno said Digital Sacrifice is a charity solution in the middle of a pandemic. Utilization of digital technology needs to be maximized for good things like this, especially accommodating people who want to worship.

“We ensure that qurban animals are of good quality and appropriate to be sacrificed according to Islamic law and through trustful quality control,” Mulyanto said.

Through Digital Sacrifice, BRI Syariah also hopes to empower local farmers to be independent in the midst of a pandemic.

Sacrifice buyers are predicted to be far less than last year due to disruption of economic stability due to the pandemic and some people who are afraid to leave the house. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)