Cambodia Treats Seriously Halal Sector

Phnom Penh, MINA – The Government of Cambodia treats the halal sector seriously because it launches halal certification for the food business under strict food safety rules.

As many as 39 of approximately 60 applicant companies received halal certification after official inspection.

“Companies must remember that if they want to have a certificate, they must ensure their food is prepared by following halal standards,” said a Cambodian Ministry of Commerce trade promotion official as quoted from HalalFocus, Wednesday.

Before getting a halal certificate, company submitting the application must go through an inspection by an official under Cambodian Halal Steering Committee. The committee itself is monitored by Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

The official noted that more applications have been submitted over the past few months. The Ministry expects to get more in the coming years because the government aims to improve halal sector.

The main objective is to attract Middle Eastern tourists to visit Cambodia’s tourist destinations. Cambodian Ministry of Tourism said last week that they wanted to improve products dedicated to Middle Eastern tourists.

So far, Kampong Cham, Battambang and Kampot have submitted the highest number of halal certification applications. The application process will take up to one month before the officer switches to the next step, which is the flow of inspection at the end of the step.

After the food business is approved by officials, the Committee will then prepare to open halal certificates. Companies that are given certificates are expected to be able to comply with the provisions provided by Halal Committee.

It seems that Cambodia’s efforts to attract visitors from the Middle East are reaping the rewards. In the first quarter, around 1,780 Middle Eastern tourists visited the country. This amount accounts for a 40 percent increase every quarter.

Last week, Ministry of Tourism urged the food industry and other sectors to explore opportunities opened by Muslim communities around the world. The ministry said it was confident of the potential of Cambodia as a provider of halal products. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)