Before Implement the Stoning, Brunei Hold Comparative Study to Aceh, Indonesia

Banda Aceh, MINA – Since Wednesday, March 4, 2019, the Government of Brunei Darussalam officially implemented Islamic laws, stoning punishment to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) perpetrator, making a number of human rights activists protest against the new rules.

Deputy Chairman of Aceh Ulama Consultative Assembly, Faisal Ali on Thursday revealed that long before the implementation of stoning punishment for LGBT actors, the Brunei delegation often visited Aceh Province, Indonesia to study and discuss Islamic law in Aceh.

He requested that Brunei Darussalam to ignore the outside world and said that Muslims are in any part of the world, not only in Brunei. So, they shoulder implement teachings of Islam and demands of Allah.

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Faisal Ali added LGBT is a behavior whose laws are clearly stated in the Quran and there is no need for a fatwa. But, the fatwa needed if there is a follow-up regulation as a bridge between Al-Quran law and state law.

“LGBT has indeed been forbidden and the law has been stoned, it certainly doesn’t need to be changed again,” he said.

In 2014, Brunei brought seven Sharia Prosecutors to conduct comparative studies in Aceh.

The group led by Hadiyati Binti Abdul Hadi was immediately received by the Banda Aceh Mayor at that time, Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, together with the Head of the Syariyah Court, Kajari Banda Aceh, Husni Tamrin and all SKPD Heads of the Banda Aceh City Administration.


In his explanation, Hadiyati said their aim to Banda Aceh wanted to find out how the laws and Islamic justice in Banda Aceh and Aceh were to be adopted and implemented in that country.

He said that not only Brunei who conducted comparative studies in Aceh, but also Malaysia and Thailand often study and discuss Islamic Shari’a law in general, the aim was to be emulated and applied in their respective countries.

Faisal added that in the Province of Aceh itself, LGBT perpetrators were recently sentenced to caning, but did not rule out the possibility that the law would change. “At present, that is what we have run, based on the results of a joint agreement,” Faisal said.

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The results of 2016 Ulema meeting, Aceh Ulema proposed government to be wary for LGBT behavior, so that did not develop in Aceh. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)